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Pre-operative Exam and Consultation

In the pleasant environment of our office, you will receive a detailed eye examination where we assess your vision, measure the surface of your cornea (corneal topography) and perform a wavefront analysis. In some cases it is necessary to use eye drops to dilate the pupils for the examination.

At the conclusion of this exam you will have a consultation with the ophthalmic surgeon who will perform your surgery. Together, you will decide which procedure is most suitable for you. The surgeon will answer your questions and inform you of any risks or possible side effects associated with the surgery.

Please note: If you wear contact lenses, you do not need to remove them prior to the initial exam. After your consultation, you will set up appointments for the surgery on both eyes. If you wear soft contact lenses you need to refrain from using them one week prior to surgery and wear your eyeglasses instead. If you use hard lenses two weeks are needed for the cornea to recover. Although not noticeable, there is wear on the cornea when using contact lenses. By ceasing contact lens use the cornea has time to recover, thus providing optimal conditions for the surgery.

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The Day of Surgery

If you are having an eye laser procedure such as SMILE or Femto-LASIK, surgery will be performed on both eyes on the same day. A lens exchange or phakic lens implantation for both eyes will be scheduled 1-2 days apart.

Prior to your procedure, your vision will be examined again. Your eye(s) will be anesthetized with eye drops. You will also be given a tranquilizer and a pain reliever (tablets). There is no painful injection!

For the first 2 to 3 hours after surgery, you may have a slight foreign body sensation as well as an increase in tear production. Because of your eye bandage and the tranquilizer you will not be permitted to drive yourself home. Please have somebody accompany you, or we will be happy to call you a taxi. You may resume eating and drinking as usual after surgery. Reading and watching television are permissible as long as your eyes feel comfortable.

You will receive eye drops which you'll have to apply diligently over the first week(s) as per your surgeon's instructions.

Post-op Exam

On the day after your surgery, you will attend a postoperative examination in our office. Alternatively, you may also have this exam at our partners in Baden-Baden or Karlsruhe.

After this examination, most patients are able to drive their car - without glasses!

To ensure a successful healing process, do not rub your eyes or apply make-up for about a week. Also, you should refrain from physical exercise including swimming, sauna, or solarium for two weeks.

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