Freevis LASIK Centers: Femto-LASIK, Epi-LASIK, Alcon Cachet Phakic IOL

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Advantages of individual Femto-LASIK

With wavefront-guided ablation and femtosecond flap creation, the individual Femto-LASIK combines the latest technologies for excellent results in visual and optical quality as well as superior safety.

1. Corneal wavefront

With over 200 different measurements per eye, the aberrometer detects unique imperfections in each eye. It identifies and measures those imperfections 25 times more precisely than standard methods.

2. Precise, individually shaped corneal flaps

Femto-LASIK is a "bladeless" procedure since only laser systems are used to cut and modulate the corneal tissue. Femtosecond laser technology provides a more precise, predictable method for creating the corneal flap than the conventional mechanical microkeratome laser. With the femtosecond laser the LASIK surgeon can customize the flap by defining flap diameter, flap thickness and hinge position.

3. Individual, wavefront-guided ablation

The excimer laser integrates data collected by the aberrometer to deliver precise custom ablations.

Our results speak for themselves:
Last year only 0.4 percent of our patients needed eye glasses or contact lenses after undergoing LASIK surgery; 99 percent were very satisfied with the result of their procedure and 100 percent would choose LASIK again (Results of 2011, FreeVis LASIK Center Mannheim).