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Wavefront-guided LASIK

Customized ablation, customized LASIK, aberrometer-guided LASIK

Why Wavefront Analysis?

The human eye is not a perfect optical system; it contains optical imaging errors known as optical aberrations. These tiny differences, or aberrations, in the refractive power of the eye or of the cornea may occur in only one sector.

Traditional LASIK is based on correction values, which are determined for optimal correction with eyeglasses or contact lenses.The now outdated  traditional LASIK does not take aberrations into consideration when determining correction values.

State-of-the-art wavefront analysis uses an aberrometer to provide a new measuring standard. The aberrometer determines the refractive power of the eye at more than 200 different locations producing a three-dimensional "map of the eye." Wavefront analysis generates the precise refractive power for every measured area.

Wavefront-guided LASIK: A Customized Treatment

Wavefront-guided LASIK treatment is a customized treatment plan based on the "map of the eye" generated during the wavefront analysis: It allows the excimer laser to ablate only as much tissue as is necessary to correct the refractive error for that particular spot of the cornea.

Wavefront or aberrometer-guided LASIK offers better vision and may improve the quality of vision, especially at dawn and dusk.