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Femto-LASIK Precision



Wavefront analysis


Femtosecond laser


Excimer laser


Why Aberrometry or wavefront analysis?
An aberrometer is a diagnostic device that provides novel measuring standards (wavefront analysis). Whereas a traditional LASIK is based on correction values that were determined with eyeglasses or contact lenses, the aberrometer measures the refractive power of the eye at more than 200 different spots. It produces a "map of the eye", which contains the precise refractive power for every measured spot and is often called "fingerprint of your vision".

Wavescan Wellenfront System, Aberrometer

This map is later used to perform the vision correction by taking tiny differences in the refractive power of the eye or of the cornea as well as higher order aberrations into account, therefore optimizing the result.

Today's up-to-date wavefront system support iris recognition and are connected to the excimer laser system for an optimized ablation.